Things to do in Statistics, since work is out of the question:

1. Make superfluous lists
2. Graffiti hallway posters under the guise of a bathroom run
3. Ponder the degraded human condition so often morbidly broached by our textbook
4. Re-arrange desks in a sort of bumper chairs manner
5. Peel off sunburn petals
6. Feign interest
7. Keep a running tab of the style and color of Nikita’s unabashedly visible undergarments
8. Unzip your pants for a nice breeze
9. Repeat the answers of your peers, but louder and with an air of insight
10. Make egregious hand gestures
11. And noises
12. Make enemies for no good reason
13. Sit, back against the wall, and fondly recollect memories of a train-hopping bum
14. Probe skull phrenologically
15. Conduct an orchestra using frictional sounds of your classmate’s clothing