We sat in a stone archway on the stairs of Samford. Smoking a cigarette in a collared shirt and sweater, hair pushed to the side, glowing golden in the porch light, he looked like an artifact from another time. His thoughts and words pulsed with ancient epiphanies. ”These are the days,” he tells us. “The ones in which we make our dreams come true. The times we’ve been waiting for our entire lives are here, now.” We can’t sit still and let the days wash over us, not when our minds are clearer and bodies abler and hearts more open than they ever will be. Savor every moment because they won’t have this rich flavor much longer (ain’t got no time to waste/ got too much life to taste). “Right now, somewhere out there, the bands are forming that will provide the music for a generation. Kids our age are creating, inventing, refining the things that will transform our world.” Our eyes narrow, our hearts burst into flames, our minds spark as we realize that this is us. On the edge of something incredible.