Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Counting Down The Hours

This Ted Leo and the Pharmacists song has got it all: passionate guitar rock, thrash-dancing potential, crazed vocals, and word play.

Innocence, it don’t come easy, in a sense it never will

Accidents mean no one’s guilty, ignorance means someone’s killed

as I biked down 95

“Counting Down the Hours” appears on the album Shake The Sheets and it has been one of my favorite songs for ages. In honor of TL/Rx’s latest release, The Brutalist Bricks (2010), here it is for you babes to jam out to!

Sounds like: the highway after dark with the car windows down, tying a flannel shirt around your waist, the top level of a parking garage, motorcycle boots, rooftops on a windy night, nursing a secret crush on a punk girl

Listen: Ted Leo & the Pharmacists – Counting Down The Hours